As EFT spreads, so do the number of practitioners, books, organisations, workshops and trainings all increase. The following is in no way intended to be a complete guide to all available resources on EFT. I have limited it to the resources that I have personally used and can vouch for. These offer the reader a safe starting point for their own learning - but you may well come across other good resources yourself.

Exclusion of any organisation, book, person or training resource from this list should not be taken to imply any negative judgement on my part - it simply means that I do not have personal knowledge of it and therefore cannot personally vouch for it.

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Manuals and Books
Gary Craig's DVD training
EFT Certification and Practitioner training
Discussion forums
Finding an EFT practitioner


Manuals and Books

Includes all books referenced in The EFT Coach Edition 2.
Most titles are available from Amazon. With links to additional or non-Amazon sources.

The EFT Manual. 6th Edition. Gary Craig.
Free download from

Co-Active Coaching: New skills for coaching people toward success in work and life.
Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House & Phil Sandahl. Davies-Black publishing,
Palo Alto California. 1st Edition, 1998. ISBN 0-89106-123-1

Adventures in EFT.  Silvia Hartmann., Eastbourne. Edition 6, January 2003.  ISBN: 1-8734836-3-5

By the co-founder of the Association for Meridian Therapies. Thorough and easy to read survey of many different uses for EFT. Suitable for the beginner and practitioner alike.

The Advanced Patterns of EFT.  Silvia Hartmann., Eastbourne. Version 1.0, January 2003.  ISBN: 1-8734836-8-6
Aimed at the serious therapist and practitioner, covers deeper and more advanced uses of EFT. Perhaps optional reading for the EFT Coach, I believe the additional depth it provides is still useful as training for the serious practitioner in any context.
Ebook and Hardcopy:

The NLP Coach.  Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago.
Piatkus publishing, London. 2001    ISBN: 0-7499-2277-X
In-depth look at the application of NLP to coaching - aimed at the professional reader.

EFT & NLP. Silvia Hartmann., Eastbourne. Version 3.0, May 2001.
A short book covering the relationship between NLP and EFT. May be of interest to coaches with existing NLP background. Special Report on EFT as a module for use by practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Topics include TimeLine Applications, EFT as the missing kinaesthetic quadrant, integrating EFT into NLP corporate presentations and the Energy Healing Progression Model.

Choices Training Manual: How to creative positive choices in energy psychology – a new approach to EFT and related methods.  
Dr Pat Carrington .Pace Educational Systems Inc, New Jersey.

Describes a powerful variant of EFT used extensively in this book and highly recommended in all contexts but especially coaching.

Living Your Best Life.  Laura Berman Fortgang.
HarperCollins. 2001.  ISBN: 0-007111-83-5
A modern coaching classic.

Taming Your Gremlin: A guide to enjoying yourself.  Richard D. Carson.
, New York
. 1983. ISBN: 0-06-096102-3
Coaching classic ddescribing how to identify and deal with "gremlins" - entrenched negative beleifs.

Attracting Abundance with EFT. Carol Look.
AuthorHouse, 2005. ISBN: 1-4208-6899-3 (sic)
Focuses on using EFT to clear abundance and money blocks. Easy to use format.

The EFT Coach Workbook for Complete Beginners. Mary L.R. Jones.
2009.  Ebook ISBN-13: 978-0-9547361-4-9.  Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0-9547361-5-6
Available from

Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT.Phillip and Jane Mountrose.  
Holistic Communications, 1999. ISBN-13: 978-0965378765
Aimed at the beginner, but quickly gets into deeper material. Includes subject areas relevant to coaching such as improving performance and fulfilment.


The following  are referenced in The EFT Coach but are not directly related to EFT or coaching:

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a “Course in Miracles”. Marianne Williamson.
HarperCollins. 1996. ISBN: 0-722532-99-7

Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World. John O’Donohue.
Bantam. 1999. ISBN: 0-553505-92-0

Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain Body.  Eckhart Tolle.
Audiobook. ASIN: B0000645HJ



Gary Craig's DVD training

Probably the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to learn EFT is to watch it being applied by an expert while they explain what they are doing as they go along. Obtaining DVD training provides you with a permanent resource which you can return to again and again, and which you can view at your own pace. I still watch mine years later, and continue to get more out of them every time. They are a crucial bridge between the theory you can read about in books and manuals, and the practice of applying EFT to yourself or others. In my opinion these are a "must buy" whether you want to learn EFT for self-help or as a stepping stone to becoming a practitioner. They are also an excellent and very good value alternative to attending a live workshop. All the DVDs can be ordered from, where you can also see much more detailed contents descriptions. There are now 9 sets, packaged into three libraries.

The EFT Foundational Library
A formal examination on the content of these three sets is a requirement to achieve EFT Cert-I (see EFT Certification below).

            The EFT Course
The Basic Training course covering all the basics and including many case studies on issues such as PTSD, phobias, anxiety etc.  Detailed knowledge of this course is a requirement to achieve the EFT Certificate of Completion (EFT-CC) and to take the AMT Practitioner training.

            EFT – Beyond the Basics 
Shows other therapists using EFT in combination with their own discipline. While still firmly in "therapy" territory there are glimpses of coaching applications. (Used to be called Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist)

            From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities
Highly relevant to the coaching context. Gary covers how EFT can be used for issues such as beliefs about money and success, plus practical ideas for building a practice which uses EFT.

The EFT Intermediate Library

            EFT  Specialty Series 1
Specialists present the use of EFT for business, addictions/overweight, relationships, se. x. ual trauma and severely emotionally disturbed children. Excellent for expanding and deepening understanding of how EFT can be applied. The relationship coaching section is great viewing for any coaches working in this field.

            EFT – Specialty Series 2 
Specialists present the use of EFT for Chronic Health Issues, Vision, Attention Deficit Disorder, Substance Sensitivities, Allergy Antidotes,  and Trauma & PTSD. The sessions on Peak Performance and The Choices Method are of particular interest for coaches.

            Borrowing Benefits
Aimed at the beginner, but also of interest to any EFT student. Designed to "tap along to".

The EFT Honors Library

            Using EFT for Serious Diseases – Series 1 and Series 2
The applications here are primarily physical illness, but you will see EFT being applied in advanced ways - also demonstrates the link between phsyical illness and emotional issues.

            Mastering EFT
A masterclass with Gary Craig. Four live sessions with commentary from Gary, plus audience Q&A.


EFT Certification and Practitioner training

Official EFT Certification Program. Gary Craig now offers a certification with his name on it. Based on detailed knowledge of his DVD training sets and an online examination it is a test of academic knowledge. At the time of writing, only the first level exam (EFT-Cert I) is available. This is a challenging and in my opinion valuable certification, as it helps set a good minimum standard worldwide. It also enables listing on the practitioner listing provided you meet other minimum requirements. Does not provide practical assessment or any ongoing support from an experienced practitioner.

AMT Practitioner. This is a formal practitioner training designed and run by the Association for Meridian Therapies, UK. It was created several years before Gary Craig introduced the official EFT Certification Program. It assumes an existing high level of familiarity with the basic EFT protocol either by having attending a introductory training or having studied the basic EFT training course on DVD. The practitioner training is available either as a two day live event with an approved AMT trainer, or as a correspondence course, which may be of interest to non-UK people. The training involves practical assessment by an AMT trainer. Examination is by completion of an open book examination within 30 days of the training and includes documentation of case studies with clients. Successful completion includes ongoing trainer support, AMT membership and online practitioner listing. In my opionion this practitioner training offers a good practical complement to Gary Craig's academic certification. Visit for details of live and correspondence trainings.

AMT Advanced Practitioner. This extends the knowledge gained at the basic practitioner training, advanced variations of EFT, and basic introduction to other meridian therapies such as TAT, BSFF and EmoTrance. It assumes successful completion of the basic practitioner training.

EFT-CC and EFT-ADV - The Basic and Advanced EFT Certificates of Completion. No longer available - superseded by Gary Craig's EFT Certification program. Holders of EFT-CC and EFT-ADV may still use these titles.


Other organisations or individual practitioners may offer practitioner level trainings in your area. Check what completion gives you access to in terms of membership, ongoing support and so on, and ensure it gives you what you want in terms of professional development, before you sign up.


Websites - This original EFT website by Gary Craig, the developer of EFT. An excellent resource for beginners and practitioners alike. Gary's original and comprehensive beginner's manual is available for download, along with many case histories in a well organised archive. Also includes international practitioner listing and training materials for those who want to learn EFT more thoroughly. Also available is an excellent email list which you may subscribe to for free, to receive regular case histories and thoughts by Gary. - Website of the AMT - Association for Meridian Therapies - UK. As well as practitioner listings, contains articles, bookshop, notice of workshops and trainings. Includes information about many types of meridian-based techniques, not just EFT. Also has many documents for free download. - My own website which includes free QuickStart manual. Includes an expanded resource guide for both coaching and EFT, free downloads and a free email newsletter including articles relevant to coaching and EFT.  - Dr Patricia Carrington's website which includes articles and information, newsletter signup and links to books and other training materials. It also contains a practitioner listing for people who have achieved EFT-CC.  - Association for Comprehensive Energy PsychologyACEP - runs conferences in the US and Canada. - A large resource focussed on a coaching and self-development but integrating EFT and other energy techniques. The prime mover Robert Elias Najemy is a prominent and experienced coach. Of particular interest is his "Holistic Harmony Life Coach" training  which explicitly includes use of EFT within the coaching training. Robert has also authored several books, some on EFT.

Many other practitioners also have their own websites which often contain additional information, training resources or workshop information.


Discussion forums

To get in touch with other people learning and practicing EFT and other energy therapies, you might want to check out the following newsgroups where there are many people willing to answer questions, share experiences and offer support: 

MT-newbies - This a good place to start with basic questions. It is moderated and frequented by trained practitioners who are very willing to answer questions and give advice. Very friendly and positive atmosphere. Not limited to EFT, but also other types of meridian-based techniques. Tends to be mostly UK membership.

EmotionFreedomTechniqueDiscussions - More US focused but with a large international membership - which makes for varied and interesting discussion. It is moderated (assisted by myself) and is a very friendly group. Membership varies from complete beginners to highly experienced practitioners. It also includes discussion of ideas and techniques other than EFT.

InnerHeaven  - Fairly new group, founded by an Indian EFT practitioner. Strong EFT focus but also Law of Attraction.

TapIntoHeaven  - Longstanding and very active group to which I occasionally contribute. Keeps focus on EFT most of the time.


Finding an EFT practitioner

Practitioner listings are available on the following websites: - This lists mostly UK practitioners, although a few are overseas. All practitioners on this listing are required to have completed the AMT practitioner training in order to be listed. AMT training requires assessment by an AMT trainer and completion of a written exam, including case studies. - International Practitioner listing. All those listed are required to have achieved EFT-CC (EFT Certificate of Completion) which involves completing Gary Craig's video training program and passing a written examination. Some will also have achieved EFT-ADV which means they have passed an exam based on Gary Craig's "Ultimate Therapist" CD training. - International Practitioner listing of those who have achieved EFT-Cert I..

There are many EFT practitioners who are not listed in these places. A web search is likely to produce details of other practitioners who may be self-taught or who have taken different forms of practitioner training. Ultimately, you need to assess the competence of a practitioner yourself.          Blog          Support           Resources